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Here's what Scott’s clients say about him:

Passkey has been working with Scott for more than seven years. We are probably a typical client for Scott -- very sales driven and when we need his support it is because we have a deal that needs to be closed quickly. Although we are likely one of Scott’s more sporadic clients, I am always amazed at his responsiveness and his support. He consistently makes us feel as though we are his only client as he is always available to us and is amazingly prompt in his review and negotiation of third party documents.

Paul Rantilla
Executive Vice President of Global Sale
Passkey International

Scott is smart, fast, and very cost-efficient, respective of our time and our budgets as a small company. No wasted time and cycles.

Richard Westelman
Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

I have worked with Scott at two companies where I led strategic alliance and business development initiatives. He has supported me in the review and negotiation of partnership and other agreements. What I find most valuable about Scott is the depth of his knowledge and relevant experience. There is rarely a form of relationship that he has not worked on previously, and because of the breadth of his technology practice he is always able to provide industry metrics and useful comparisons.

Richard Blatt
Vice President, Strategic Alliances
PeerApp Ltd.

I have engaged Scott to provide counsel at three start-up companies. His work has spanned contract review, creation and negotiation, incorporation and corporate issues, real estate lease review and trademarks. Technically, he is excellent and his response time is second to none. But, more importantly, I keep engaging Scott to provide counsel due to the fact that he thinks like a business person and dissects issues into what matters and what does not. As an entrepreneur, I find his counsel indispensable.

Alan Phillips
Founder, Where, Inc., Thinking Screen Media and

I have engaged Scott to provide legal services to four companies where I have served as CFO. Most of the time Scott has negotiated large software licensing and hardware purchasing agreements with service provider or cable companies. These documents are lengthy and obtuse and the negotiations can be difficult and long. Scott has done a huge number of these deals and is very familiar with these agreements. Oftentimes, he provides information and data from deals he has done previously with the counterparty. This is very useful as it allows us to benchmark our positions and to anticipate the fallback positions of the other party.

Robert Orlando
CFO, CallMiner

Scott has worked with me at two very different companies – a provider of intelligent voice mobile applications and an on-line community for physicians. The common denominator in both is contract review and negotiation between a startup company and huge, multinational corporations. The most compelling thing about working with Scott is that he levels the playing field at a very competitive price point. The lawyers on the other side respect him and he is very effective at turning one-sided contracts (from the other side) into even documents reflecting our positions and risk tolerance, while still not breaking the bank in fees.

Thomas Barone
CFO, Vlingo

Scott is my kind of lawyer: thoughtful, fast and concise.

Matthew Weatherley-White
Co-Founder, Recovery Science and Technology